Alan Moore isn't just a great comics writer, he's also an outspoken critic of publishers who take creators' work (especially his) and... do really questionable stuff with it.

He's tussled with both Marvel and DC, and become increasingly disgusted with what movie producers have done in adapting his works. This was lampooned in his appearance on The Simpsons, in which we see a direct-to-DVD "Watchmen Babies" movie that Warner Bros has (supposedly) produced.

On the other hand, he's never been shy about legally appropriating the works of others to reinterpret with his trademark genius. If the copyright's gone, it's fair game to Moore.

So what if the copyrights were all gone? What if the publishers were free to do whatever the hell they wanted with Moore's work?

"More Moore" is my attempt to have fun answering that question, periodically adding new books to the apocryphal library.

Jason A. Quest