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The Never

Ever since I was a kid, and saw Disney’s animated hatchet-job of the Peter Pan story, I’ve been a fan of The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up. When I later read the story as originally written, and learned about the people behind it, my fascination grew even further.

is a comprehensive wiki dedicated to the subjects of Peter Pan and his creator Sir J.M. Barrie. Info about all the characters, and all the adaptations. The real facts about Barrie, the family who inspired Peter Pan, and more. All the relevant info from Wikipedia, and then some (without all those pesky rules about “notability”).

(upcoming) Lost in the Never Wonder Wood is a story based on an actual event. Toward the end of her life, Alice “Wonderland” Liddell met middle-aged Peter “Pan” Llewelyn Davies at a social event. This short comic imagines their conversation, and what they might have said to young Christopher Robin Milne.

(upcoming) Peterphile is a short graphic novel about Peter Pan, which takes place in the present day. In it, a young man with a fondness for boys finds his way to the Never Land, where the prospect of a boy who never grows up is too much for him to resist. But Peter has other ideas.

(upcoming) Darling, Michael is the true story (with a little speculation) of young adult Michael Llewelyn Davies (model for Peter Pan, namesake of Michael Darling) and his mostly-secret lover Rupert Buxton, who drowned together in mysterious circumstances.