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The Dangerous Book for Boys

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Bryan Cranston is making a TV show out of the bestselling book The Dangerous Book for Boys. Two thoughts about that:

1) Between this and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, it’s clear that you don’t need to have a story for your “property” to be adapted into a film/show. It’s about exploiting a brand. See also: Clue, and any number of other games that have been gotten the feature-film treatment (not always good).

Dangerous may be a really good show, and if a talented A-lister like Cranston is involved, there’s a good chance of it. But he’s totally making up his own story for it, because he had to.

Besides, even if you do have a story, the studio’s likely to chuck it and write their own. Which sometimes works out great (e.g Guardians of the Galaxy) and sometimes utterly sucks (e.g. Man of Steel).

2) There fucking better be an adaptation of The Daring Book for Girls in the planning stages, too.