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Everybody’s Doin’ It!

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When Dale Lazarov offered to write a script for me to illustrate, I hesitated for several seconds before jumping at it. He’s the writer of several justifiably acclaimed books of gay erotic comics, and illustrating one of his stories was bound to be a lot of fun.

00aEverybodyCoverIt was. And now it’s on sale as a digital download (DRM-free, none of that online “rental” business) for just $2.85! This is the same story that was presented in Best Gay Erotica 2014, but at full size, full resolution, and in glorious color.

The plot – yes, plot: Dale writes stories, not just sex scenes – is four somewhat-parallel storylines (inspired by a similar technique used by Rick Veitch in Bratpack). A lanky cowboy and a husky workman meet on a dark city street, two African-American men connect at a professional mixer, a couple of gay geeks play with their action figures, a leather-jacketed Latino and a preppy Asian bodybuilder hook up in a bar. And things develop from there, with each couple ending in a different circumstance than they started. It’s a celebration of consensual, safe, enjoyable sex, whether it’s between strangers, acquaintances, partners, or new friends.

I’m ridiculously proud of the illustration work I did on this book, and the fact that it’s the first comic I’ve created that’s being sold as a stand-alone item (rather than being included in an anthology or just given away online) has me really excited!

I hope you will be too. :)