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Playtime: Crossed Hollywood

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Another remake/remodel for the Whitechapel forum, this one a tie-in to Crossed, a comic (published by the hosts of the forum) about a virus that turns people into sociopaths.

I want you to imagine you’re stuck in Beverly Hills during the first 48 hours of the Crossed outbreak. I want you to draw me the Crossed actor, musician, or worthless celebrity skinwaste of your choice. I want to see Charlie Sheen bludgeoning Ashton Kutcher to death with a crackpipe. I want Crossed Oprah using her back-fat to suffocate babies. I want Crossed Arnie and Sly working together to snap anorexic actresses in half over their knees, while Crossed Leonard Nimoy uses his pointy costume-ears to pluck out Shatner’s goggly eyes.

Just for one week, let’s be shameless. Let’s be excessive and ridiculous and dark. Let’s be gloriously NSFW. Call it a holiday from art, a festival of debauchery, a Saturnalia of sadism.

I did exactly as instructed, but apparently it was too much for the moderator, so he required me to censor it for the forum. Here’s the full version, in which born-again homophobe Kirk Cameron is fisted by his former “Growing Pains” co-star Leo DiCaprio (remember that?), while sodomizing everyone’s favorite should-be catamite Justin Bieber.