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JAQrabbit Tales begins September 1!

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After what seems like years (because it has been) of quietly working on JAQrabbit Tales, my bio/porno/graphic novel, I’ve set a date to start publishing! The first story will go on-line on Monday September 1, with a new page coming out every week!

mascot770PartyBoyThe Tales are a series of short comix stories about a character named Jason who looks suspiciously like me, and whose life story bears a vague resemblance to my own. Most of the Tales involve sex. :)

I began by illustrating them all myself, but took on my buddy Zlatan Marić as a partner, and I’ve enlisted the help of a few other talented artists to add to the fun. The series is far, far from “in the can” – I’ve got enough story material to fill volumes – but we’re far enough to start publishing. It’ll be a page per week, which means that some stories will take a week to finish, and most will take … longer. Mostly no more than a month.

Playtime: sexist sexy comix characterz

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In response to yet another cheesecakey fuck-me representation of Wonder Woman, and in the spirit of the parodies that followed, Bleeding Cool ran a challenge for visitors to cosplay in the same pose. I don’t post photos of myself online (so my self-portraits are the closest people can get to identifying me in public), but I wanted to play along.

So I did a drawing of Captain Miracle in the same pose …

… and asked my partner Zlatan to draw me in that pose.

Official status upgraded

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Months ago I finagled my way into Anything That Loves, an anthology of comix about life between the poles of “gay” and “straight”. I took one of the more relevant scripts I’d written for my JAQrabbit Tales porn series, changed a few camera angles to de-emphasize the nudity (but not eliminate it entirely), left the sex scene mostly implicit instead of implicit … and got to drawing it.

I was really excited to be participating in this book, and not just because I got to draw a fondly-remembered hook-up (the first of many with the person involved). There were a bunch of great queer cartoonists involved, including names like Leanne Franson, Maurice Vellekoop, and Roberta Gregory (to pick just three). Seeing the PDF previews was a hoot, especially when I saw that I was getting busy just a page-turn before a “Liliane Bi-Dyke” story.

See that dude in the red shirt? That’s me. See that name in the corners? That’s mine.
This past weekend, it got real. Not only did I receive the modest-but-generous payment that Northwest Press offered for my contribution (like everyone else involved, I’d submitted it as a donation for the cause), but I also got my two complementary copies of the book.

So there you have it: I’m in print. And I’ve been paid.

Translation: I’m officially a published professional cartoonist.

And if you turn the page, you’ll see my cock, which means I am also a porn star.

(Anything That Loves is listed for retailer orders in the current Previews catalog.)

Anything That Loves “Scout”

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I’ve contributed a 7-page story to Anything That Loves, a comics anthology that explores the territory between “gay” and “straight”. It’s the story of how I met my second girlfriend. (The fact that Scout is a woman was intended to be a spoiler, but in the context of a book about bisexuality, for the “boy” I’m hitting on to turn out to be a girl is fairly predictable.)

Here’s the first page (click then click again to embiggen):

“Assault” panels

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I’m currently working on one of the more serious and darker (literally) stories in the JAQrabbit Tales series, entitled “Assault”. I’m illustrating it entirely in black-and-white-and-gray, mostly with blocks of light and shadow. Here’s a couple non-sequential panels I worked on last night. I tell ya, it’s a bit of a challenge to draw something without showing it.